General Aviation Parking Project

General Aviation has continued to grow at the airport, and vehicle parking stalls on the East side of the airport have become more limited. To provide more parking stalls, two new parking lots were constructed off Kearney Avenue, just West of the existing T-Hangars. These parking lots added almost 100 total stalls. Construction was completed in early Fall 2021.

Kearney Street Reconstruction

Kearney Street is one of the East-West roads on the West side of airport that connects traffic from 38th Street to the industrial businesses to the East. In the last few months of 2020, this road was reconstructed with new concrete pavement.

38th Street Resurfacing Project

Cell Phone and Employee Lot Reconfiguration Project

The South portion of the Terminal Parking Lot was reconfigured in the Fall of 2020 to create a dedicated Cell Phone Lot (waiting area for vehicles prior to picking up passengers at the Terminal) and an Employee Parking Lot. Both parking lots are accessed from Adams Street (Terminal Loop Road). Cell Phone Lot users can now conveniently exit the parking lot using the same entrance point and easily head to the Terminal, while users of the Employee Lot can follow the exit at the West end of the Cell Phone Lot to easily access southbound Adams Street.


Terminal Loop Resurfacing Project

Adams Street (Terminal Loop Road) is the main road used to access the Terminal Building and adjacent parking lots. This pavement is planned to be resurfaced with new asphalt in 2021. The work will be completed in two main phases, with critical work in front of the Terminal building being completed overnight. Access to the Terminal Building, parking lots, and the parking garage will be maintained at all times.


Runway Intersection Pavement Repair Project

The intersection of Runway 18/36 and Runway 14/32 is essentially the most critical intersection at the airport. Any repair work done in that intersection affects both of the airport’s largest runways. In early 2020, some of the asphalt pavement on Runway 18/36 began to experience significant deterioration and was rapidly becoming a safety concern. In the Fall of 2020, asphalt resurfacing was completed near the intersection to restore the pavement.

Offutt AFB Temporary Beddown Improvements

Beginning in early 2021, the 55th Wing from Offutt Air Force Base will operate out of the Lincoln Airport while their lone runway in Bellevue, Nebraska is reconstructed. In preparation for their relocation, a handful of major improvements and additions were constructed on the West side of the airport. Starting in early 2019 and wrapping up at the tail end of 2020, the construction included asphalt resurfacing of over 240,000 SY on the West Ramp (almost 50 acres!), rehabilitating an existing aircraft hangar originally built in 1942, building offices and workspaces for hundreds of airmen and women, and the construction of a new 33,000 SF fabric hangar. The 55th Wing is expected to operate out of Lincoln Airport until Fall of 2022.


LNK Master Plan


A Master Plan is a 20-year planning document used to guide the developments and improvements that need to be completed at the airport to maintain standards and meet future aviation demand as the airport grows. The airport is currently undergoing a complete update of our Master Plan and is expecting to finish it in 2022.


Taxiway 'A' & Taxilane 'K' Improvements

Taxiway ‘A’ (Alpha) runs North-South, just West of the East Apron. A portion of the taxiway pavement is in need of repair/rehabilitation and will be milled and overlaid with new asphalt. Taxilane ‘K’ (Kilo) runs East-West, extending off the East edge of the East Apron, and provides access to numerous hangars, including Duncan Aviation’s large maintenance hangars. The pavement in this area, first built in the early 1960s, has been experiencing significant cracking and deterioration in the last few years. The taxilane pavement will be completely removed and reconstructed with new concrete pavement. This work is anticipated to be started in the Summer of 2021 and be completed before the end of the year.

Snow Removal Broom Vehicle

During snow events, large broom vehicles (sweepers) are used around the airport to sweep snow off of runways, taxiways, and aprons. Sweepers are also used throughout the rest of the year to clean sand, dirt, or debris off of pavement used by aircraft. The airport is currently working to acquire a new Front-mounted Broom Vehicle, which will replace a more than 25 year-old sweeper. The vehicle is anticipated to be ready for use in the first half of 2022.

Front End Loader/Ramp Plow

Front End (or Front-Wheel) Loaders are used around the airport to remove snow from ramp and terminal areas, such as around passenger loading bridges. In early 2021 the airport acquired a new Front End Loader with a 20-foot wide Ramp Plow attachment replacing a more than 20 year-old loader.