Lincoln Airport Authority Taking COVID Precautions as Air Travel Picks Back Up

Oct 15, 2020

The Lincoln Airport Authority ( is seeing an uptick in travel since COVID-19 restrictions loosened, but they are keeping strict safety measures in place to protect the health and safety of all guests, passengers, and employees. The airport is monitoring impacts resulting from the domestic and international spread of COVID-19 and is working with their local, state, and federal partners on formulation and implementation of guidance and recommendations aimed at ensuring the safety and welfare of everyone in the airport.

The airport terminal is cleaned thoroughly multiple times throughout the day, and custodial staff is taking extra time to address the sanitization of high-traffic areas, using new disinfectant products and materials on and around those features that are touched most often by terminal users, including tables, chairs, handrails, door handles, and the like. Hand sanitizers are available on stands in the terminal, for use by everyone in the building, for disinfecting hands and wiping down luggage and other surfaces. LNK also is offering free face masks to anyone who arrives at the airport without one; signage placed throughout the terminal alerts guests to contact the Communication Center phone number so an LNK employee can deliver a complimentary mask to them.

The Lincoln Airport Authority operates the Lincoln Airport, which is a public/military airport located five miles northwest of Lincoln. It is the second-largest airport in Nebraska, spanning more than 5,000 acres. They currently have commercial air service through Delta and United Airlines and operate the LNK Enterprise Park, one of the largest industrial parks in the Midwest. For more information, contact Director of Communications and Customer Engagement Rachel Barth at (402) 440-4211 or